Like many in the computer and electronics industry, Canada Computers is helping students return to school or individuals to reboot for work this season. The dedication of its more than 1,000 employees at nearly 30 locations across the country, however, elevates its service and desire to set up each customer for success.

This year, the established retailer of personal computers, IT and components, as well as consumer electronics has chosen to take an additional step in service. Chinese customers of Canada Computers can now more easily buy into all the advantages the company offers.

By selecting a mobile payment system installed by IOT Pay, the stores empower Chinese business customers, students or newcomers setting up their home and office electronic needs to buy more freely. They can access funds – securely and through the familiar and preferred form of payment of their WeChat Pay and Alipay accounts. This means they are not restricted in their purchasing power by any limits on cash they can take out of China as they travel, study or put down new roots in Canada.

For customers, the IOT Pay mobile payment solution enables confident and carefree buying. For Canada Computers it links the company to a powerful system-wide profile and product promotion capability connected to WeChat Pay and Alipay’s social media platforms.

As the merchant, Canada Computers is also guaranteed instant payment, in Canadian currency at a very low industry finance percentage. The IOT Pay app can also network store locations so that managers can access real time status on activity at each point of sale, sales volumes and peak purchasing times.

Canada Computers decision to offer the WeChat and Alipay mobile solutions enabled by IOT Pay is yet more evidence of its future focus on growth and service.

It has made computers and communications devices for business, study or entertainment accessible since it opened its first store in 1991. Located in the heart of Kingston, Ontario – right next to Queens University it has been recognized for over 28 years as a provider of well-priced, high quality products and services, with a large selection of items from every major brand in the business — including ASUS, Intel, Seagate, Logitech, NVIDIA and MSI, and more.

Canada Computers continues to prove it is a leader in computer retail, systems, hardware and software. It is also in the forefront of retailers who smartly welcome the growing market of Chinese families and businesses who spend billions of dollars in the Canadian economy.

Steady and strong growth is expected for Canada Computers. Ontario has signed four stores on with IOT Pay. In British Columbia, the company is marking the opening of its first regional location in Grandview, joining Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond, and Vancouver West Broadway. Stay tuned for more news, or simply subscribe to be the first to get it delivered to your inbox.

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