Did you know that there are about 1500 gas stations open to serve drivers in British Columbia on the road for business, leisure or simply to look after the needs of daily living? Those stops supply gas and many other automotive, home and even food items. Canadians have come to count on gas stations to serve many of their ongoing and emergency purchases right in their own neighbourhoods.

Chinese customers are among that growing market. They may be families and business owners commuting to schools and work in their community. Or, they may be the thousands of visitors from China’s middle and upper class who are taking advantage of the newly eased travel restrictions to discover the wonders of the west coast. All increase sales on the everyday necessities of travel and life abroad.

It seems a smart move to offer this growing market segment a way to pay for their gas and goods via a familiar, easy and trusted method – the convenience of the mobile payment solution most used by Chinese consumers.

One forward thinking Husky Gas franchise owner in BC’s lower mainland agreed. His decision impacts his bottom line in a competitive and capital intensive industry. It also signals a clear welcome to his Chinese customers and his desire to better serve this growing market at each of his four locations.

Husky stations located in Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond and Coquitlam are the first gas stations in Canada to sign up with IOT Pay. The decision was made locally to serve the everyday needs of the residents and businesses in these neighbourhoods and not by corporate headquarters.

IOT Pay helped his Husky Gas stations became a friendlier stop for Chinese customers by enabling the retailer to accept WeChat Pay and Alipay – mobile payment options they prefer to use. It makes his locations more attractive to the Chinese business travelers, students and new immigrants in his market area.

IOT Pay business consultants walked the franchisee through the process and worked alongside his team until all the paperwork was done. The road to success was cleared in time for the season’s big travel traffic of bus tours of Chinese travelers who prefer group travel due to the language barrier or for the mobile travelers or area residents in smaller vehicles.

In attracting Chinese customers, profits flow to those who recognize the value of offering familiar mobile payments at the point of sale and the power of WeChat and Alipay to promote their business and services. In the case of this Husky Gas owner it means his Chinese customers can spend more freely on gas and all that his shelves hold in store, too.

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Image Source: https://huskyenergy.com

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