Vancouver’s Mott 32, a high end Chinese culinary experience, is located in Trump Tower. It’s exquisitely designed space occupies 3,500 sq. ft. of the hotel on the ground floor and has an independent entrance to the restaurant. It is a prime dining location for hotel guests, visitors traveling for pleasure or business as well as local residents.

Located in the heart of Vancouver, Mott 32 is a contemporary Chinese restaurant deeply connected to the celebration of Hong Kong culture and cuisine. Its menu follows the highly awarded founding location’s principally Cantonese cuisine with some signature Beijing dishes and some of the best Sichuan food in central Hong Kong.

A gem on its own, it is part of the expansion of the brand founded in Hong Kong and also found in Las Vegas, and set to open soon in Bangkok and in Singapore.

IOT Pay is proud to have a role in supporting Mott 32’s outreach to the Chinese consumer by means of IOT Pay’s mobile payment solutions and its powerful promotions capability.

IOT Pay worked diligently for months prior to Mott 32’s Vancouver opening to meet these critical establishment and growth needs:

  1. Handle the paperwork and the multi-step process to integrate mobile payments and promotion of Mott 32’s stringent criteria – plus that of the larger brand that oversees their location and to meet their security concerns. Mott 32 already an established high end brand was dependent on the approval of an even bigger brand. IOT Pay helped their merchant client meet all the requirements.
  1. Put in place the mobile payment system preferred by Chinese patrons – the quick, trusted and familiar WeChat Pay and Alipay quick tap options that are trusted and familiar. The mobile payment system had to be commensurate with its brand’s service reputation and its quest to offer its customers seamless convenience and an assurance of security. IOT Pay’s mobile solutions meet the streamlined and sophisticated handling of guest checks tableside.
  1. Raise awareness as well revenue for the IOT Pay merchant member– Transactions by patrons opting to purchase with their preferred mobile payment began to flow to the merchant on site before any formal promotions via the IOT Pay app at a range of $1,000-$5,000 for tableside checks.

Mott 32 was keen on connecting to the enhanced promotional features of IOT Pay’s working relationship with WeChat Pay and Alipay. The promotion power of these social media platforms raises awareness in an effective and trusted network.

IOT Pay’s capability to promote through its app based mobile payment solution meant that the easy payment option of WeChat Pay or Alipay also connected this merchant on a vast and effective social network.

Mott 32 appeal to a legion of loyal patrons of its establishments from Hong Kong to Vancouver is due in good measure to how it treasures tradition, elegant yet unpretentious presentation and its smart implementation of technology to serve and to expand internationally.

To learn more of Mott 32’s unique world of customer experience visit their website.

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