We can all agree that the retail industry in Canada is a key contributor to the economy. Retail’s customers make countless daily purchasing decisions – one at a time. MINISO, a fashionable lifestyle products store with 3,500 outlets worldwide and growing monthly, worked to help make those buying choices for their Chinese customers in Canada more satisfying, one at a time, also.

Merchant success such as that of MINISIO’s great customer experience focus result from shoppers who feel valued, understood and taken into consideration. That includes making their payment options easy.

MINISO took time to understand the major changes in China that reshaped the spending patterns of a major market of consumers. They reduced frustration by customers and increased revenues in their lifestyle stores. Their Chinese customers preferred mobile payments overseas, if given the option. As the retail industry in Canada didn’t have a payment and marketing system compatible with China’s, MINISO enlisted the help of IOT Pay mobile payment solutions.

IOT Pay met MINISO management’s quest for continued great customer experience and put in place a system that resolved these problems:

  1. Cross border marketing solution

MINISO stores were able to bypass any issues with exchange, or customers being prepared with enough cash to spend freely and at the level they wished. With IOT Pay terminals and system integration both stores and customers no longer worried about carrying compatible credit cards, transaction rates or declined card services.

  1. Payment options for shoppers that included QR codes and wallets

Because IOT Pay’s position as a cross-border mobile payment and marketing solution leader, its system enables merchants to accept QR-based mobile wallets in-store and online – easily.

The payment options supported by IOT Pay, Alipay and WeChat Pay are two of the most popular wallets with over one billion active consumers. With the one move through IOT Pay, MINISO was able to access mobile service provided by Alipay and WeChat pay as well as their social media platforms which promote member businesses.

  1. Getting out the marketing word to welcome Chinese shoppers

IOT Pay enables merchants to run marketing and loyalty campaigns through its partner network.  Once connected to Alipay and WeChat Pay, which are also social network apps, merchants benefit from an effective promotional system that points visitors and shoppers to vendors in the area they are and even provides them with information in translation for easy and quick decisions.

MINISO’s Chinese guests reported feeling pleasantly surprised to find payment methods from home, and felt an immediate sense of cultural recognition which drove more payments for purchases made.

Happy Customers makes happy shoppers. 

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