Yellowknife, the capital city of Canada’s Northwest Territories is legendary as the best place to view the magnificent Northern Lights. Now it can also claim to be one of the most welcome locations for Chinese tourists.

The small town embraced a big vision when they chose to offer Alipay and invited IOT Pay mobile payment systems to make that happen for all the merchants in Yellowknife.

For many, seeing the magnificent Northern Lights up close is a once in a lifetime experience. Now with IOT Pay’s help, Yellowknife’s tourism industry members have made it easier for their Chinese visitors to make that memory last a lifetime.  Tourists can easily enjoy local accommodations, tours and activities, restaurant dining, retail shopping, souvenir hunting and even bring home some of the famous diamonds the area is known for.

Our merchants have stated their top 3 benefits from IOT Pay’s system best:

  1. Signals an instant welcome to our Chinese customers

Alipay is more familiar to our Chinese visitors than credit cards.

According to Nielsen, more than 94 percent of Chinese tourists prefer paying with their mobile phones when abroad.  So, savvy businesses such as retailers, hotels and restaurants offer Alipay.

  1. Cashless spending is super convenient

Our customers pay instantly with money waiting to be spent on travels directly from their bank account. They don’t have to worry about carrying cash, exchanging it or bringing enough.

They can enjoy whatever delights them when they are here. If they see something they really love and want to purchase it to bring home, there’s never any regret about not bringing enough to buy it.

  1. Helps our town’s whole economy

Alipay’s powerful platform puts payments through quickly and easily for all our merchants. The app also gives our guests all the information they need about the area in Chinese.

“We’ve always welcomed tourists from all over the world. Now we’re seeing lots of Chinese visitors and proud to share our warm northern hospitality,” says a Tourism Board representative. “We want our Chinese visitors to feel like they’re a welcome guest from the moment they arrive. We wanted to be one of the first to offer Alipay in Canada and our guests love it!”

“It has changed our community. Since we set it up, thousands of visitors have visited us and they’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and that really matters for us.”

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