Hi. Max here from IOT Pay.  Following our blog post on 3 Ways vendors save money on every IOT Pay transaction, some readers emailed us with a big one word question:

How can IOT Pay offer a fixed economical and predictable rate on each and every transaction?

You asked and today I’m answering how IOT Pay can put this predictable benefit in place for merchants that sign on to the system. The main difference is that IOT Pay is unlike a credit card or even a debit card that include interchange and can be a part of a complicated system.

Here’s how IOT PAY simplifies the path from a customer’s purchase to a vendor’s profit:

  1. IOT Pay can offer an economical WeChat Pay and Alipay rate because it is a simple mobile payment solution

Less middleman and processors are involved than with traditional and current credit card options that merchants buy into.  There is no acquirer and no 3rd party agency adding yet another cost along the way.

  1. IOT Pay can offer a fixed rate – lower and predictable

The IOT Pay mobile payment system offers a rate up to 40% lower than a conventional credit card. This applies no matter who the customer or merchant is or the size of the transaction at point of sale.

This makes it easy for merchants to calculate costs on selling their goods and services.

Plus, at day’s end it makes it simpler to reconcile business activity both right at the point of sale or later when doing bookkeeping.


Less and more

We think you’ll love some of the ‘less’ found in IOT Pay’s mobile payment system.

  • Less surprises and costs
  • More profit supporting service to any size business

To learn more – connect with a local Merchant Relations Consultant and get all the information you need to sign up or to explore how IOT Pay can serve you.

Give us a call at (604) 283-3268, or check out our website at https://iotpay.ca/.

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