Can IOT Pay really help merchants save money on every transaction?  Definitely.

Hi there, this is Max from IOT Pay and today I’m sharing what our merchants have told us are the most immediate ways IOT Pay’s mobile payments help their bottom lines.

Here are the 3 top ways IOT Pay helps stores and restaurants keep more of their earnings at each sale:

  1. A fixed flat rate

Imagine knowing your exact transaction cost, each and every time you make a sale. IOT Pay can offer a rate as low as 1%. Once your rate is set it applies regardless of the product or the size of your sale.

A predictable Alipay and WeChat Pay rate makes IOT Pay system simpler and consistent. Credit cards and debit cards can be complex. As we all know, the interchange rating system with credit cards is complicated.

When your customers present an international credit card for personal or business purchases, your rates could be anywhere from 1.5 percent all the way to 3% or even 4%. It’s why many merchants simply decline to accept certain cards that they find especially expensive credit choice for their customers.

  1. No charge back policy

Security built into systems like WeChat Pay and Alipay lends you peace of mind with the IOT Pay mobile payment. It is not a credit card, nor is it a physical card that someone can steal or compromise.

We often hear the unfortunate story from restaurant managers who must cover two, three or more losses per month due to fraud. A customer’s fraudulently paid for meals are charged back to the restaurant. The owner then loses any profit they hoped for plus they must cover the losses on labour, food costs and administration costs.

When your Chinese consumer pays with Alipay or WeChat Pay, they are paying for your goods or services directly from their bank account. The money is already there ready to cover their purchase. They verify their identity at each point of sale with either visual recognition or fingerprint technology, so merchants are protected.

  1. No hidden charges

There are NO extra charges. You have no minimum monthly amount that you must transact with IOT Pay to qualify for all the benefits of IOT Pay.

From ‘start to sale’ – that is from the time IOT Pay installs your system until you make your first sale and each one after that – there are no mysterious alterations in your rate, your service costs or your rental fee.

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Till next time, I’m Max from IOT Pay the smart choice in mobile payment systems wishing you better business.

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