Merchants prep for service and speed in holiday sales – in store and online with IOT Pay

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Tis’ that time of the year merchants across Canada gear up for. It’s their biggest sales season and technology is more critical than ever to their customer service and sales success.  

Not sure which technology will work best for you at point of sales?

IOT Pay mobile payment solutions can help!   

The IOT Pay system sets any service, store or restaurant up for success by:

 Reducing complexity for a company’s staff at the point of sales

·        Simplifying the payment process lets staff concentrate on providing attentive customer service and an easy transition to ringing up the sales

 Ringing up sales is set up for speed and accuracy

·        Equipment that is reliable and processes sales quickly is assured. So is the promise of training so staff feel confident and smooth at every transaction.

·        If anything goes wrong with the hardware due to damage by staff or shoppers, never fear, IOT Pay’s quick response team is ready to dispatch a technician to replace or repair as needed.

Managing transactions and capitalize on marketing

·        Service fees with IOT Pay’s mobile system are lower than those of credit cards.

·        In addition to saving on fees per transaction, merchants enjoy special internal promotional services that leverage the massive social network affiliated with WeChat Pay and Alipay

Ready to lower your costs and raise your profile in your market area?

Sign on with IOT Pay’s mobile payment solutions and signal that you are ready to attract and to serve Chinese customers who spend more freely and feel secure using WeChat Pay or Alipay. Your sales revenues are deposited directly and quickly to your account, in Canadian currency.

Got an e-commerce website? With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner you can have IOT Pay staff enable your website with WeChat Pay and Alipay.

Be ready for the rush online and in-store for your biggest sales events.

Give us a call at (604) 283-3268 or Visit our website to connect with your local Merchant Relations Consultant.

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IOT Pay has offices located in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto.

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