Grocer first in Canada to open all checkout aisles for shoppers who use Alipay or WeChat Pay

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Sungiven Foods, the first grocery retailer to enable self-checkout with Alipay and WeChat Pay is making both history and waves. Sungiven Foods confidently enters the competitive food market of established chains, big box stores and other Asian supermarkets with its first Canadian store now open in Vancouver.

Sungiven will appeal to both the Asian and general market. The company also aims to be responsive to their Chinese shoppers’ preferences. As a result they invited IOT Pay mobile solutions to enhance the consumer experience and enable all registers to handle Alipay and WeChat Pay – including at the self-checkout stations – a Canadian grocer first.

The company sees room in the market due to their mission – to be a friendly, family-focused store connected to the communities it serves. Sungiven Foods sources locally where possible and specializes in high-quality, health-conscious, all-natural products, brands, and practices, including selling only free-run eggs, fine AAA Canadian meats and having a plastic-bag free policy.

Sungiven aspires to be a “Provider of Healthy Meals” to families and individuals. The company’s co-founders were inspired while living in Vancouver by the preferences of West Coast consumers for fresh and healthy ingredients. They developed their concept in China along with the systems and supply chains to bring the best, affordably to consumers. Sungiven has grown to more than 90 stores in China beginning in Xiamen in the Chinese province of Fujian. It remains the global headquarters for Sungiven even as it expands worldwide. The Canadian head office in South Burnaby serves as the North American division headquarters and research and development centre.

Just in time to help Lower Mainland families prepare for holiday provisions and entertaining, Sungiven has opened its first store in Canada at City Square Mall at 555 West 12th Avenue, near Broadway-City Hall Station. The flagship store is at the 13,000-sq-ft site previously occupied by Safeway. Two more stores will open at 3301 West Broadway in Kitsilano (3,200 sq. ft) and at 4106 Hastings Street in North Burnaby (6,300 sq. ft.). Another 10-15 stores are planned across Canada and the USA in the next five years.

Co-founders Kathy Su and Richard Lian, living in Vancouver since 2004, continue to balance Sungiven’s entrepreneurial priorities and operations with a respect for nature and care for the humans of the world.

The company has been recognized for their commitment with awards of trustworthiness, high business ratings and appointments as a company to various food industry boards.

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