Don’t let worry about technology slow your sales

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Fashion retailers and food and beverage venues know this month is the biggest sales season of the year. From apparel to appetizers, they outfit the people and provision the places where celebrations happen and all the gift buying is about.

One single technology decision is what they all have in common.

One decision – to use IOT Pay mobile payment solutions to help merchants:

1. Get the best technology to process payments worry free

IOT Pay’s mobile solutions are installed by a local team who cares about business in our community and are quick to respond with help if you need it. Service team members will tell you reassuringly, “If you know how to operate the camera on your phone you already know how to use our technology.”

Merchants get the technology they need to help meet the demands of speed and service. IOT Pay is easy to use and integrates with your existing system. Your decision to go with IOT Pay lets you instantly leverage an extensive knowledge base that streamlines your payment technology – without an extra thought!

2. Increase sales and signal a welcome to Chinese shoppers

Studies show that 93% of Chinese consumers are more willing to spend when a merchant offers Alipay and WeChat Pay services. For merchants signed on to IOT Pay’s mobile payment solutions that means a better chance for on the spot sales, loyal repeat sales and referrals. It also means that the huge social network Alipay and WeChat Pay are connected to, promotes you as a local area merchant, automatically.

Are you and your staff ready to process sales easily and seamlessly to profit in-store and online this season?

It’s not too late!

If you are a retailer or service provider who wants to increase sales to Chinese shoppers at the biggest sales season of the year and beyond – call today to connect with your local Merchant Relations Consultant at (604) 283-3268.

3. Get free training when you decide to go with IOT Pay.

Your on call IOT Pay team trains your current or seasonal hires and can do so in Mandarin or in English. Everyone is brought up to speed at your store. IOT Pay is a local independent business with 2,500 customers in the Lower Mainland – we care and we are here to help.

Reach your local Merchant Relations Consultant at (604) 283-3268.

IOT Pay has offices located in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto.

Visit our website at for more information

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